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Hi, I'm Amber Isbell

Certified Real Estate Broker


(406) 951-0849


Supervising Broker:

Lic #BRO89693

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A Bit About Amber

Amber Isbell's journey unfolded right in the heart of Montana, in the lively town of Miles City. Nestled in the eastern part of the state, Miles City boasts the World-Famous Bucking Horse Sale and holds the record for being home to the largest snowflake ever recorded. It's a place that embodies rugged western living, attracting those captivated by the allure of the TV show Yellowstone.


Amber's pursuit of education took her to Bozeman, where she enrolled at Montana State University and proudly joined the ranks of the Bobcats. Real estate wasn't on the horizon just yet; it was Amber's passion for marketing that paved the way for her future career.


Fast forward to 2013, and a significant change was in store. Amber packed her bags and headed to Polson, Montana. The move was a game-changer, swapping the familiar plains for a life surrounded by lakes and mountains. From the serene shores of Flathead Lake to the welcoming community of Whitefish and the awe-inspiring beauty of Glacier National Park, the region opened up endless opportunities for exploration. The stunning landscapes served as a constant reminder of the picture-perfect views Montana is known for.


Amber, immersed in the beauty and variety of Western Montana, found herself drawn to real estate. The many properties and the unique lifestyle of the region fueled her ambition to dive into the world of real estate.


Without wasting any time, Amber left her mark in the industry. Her knack for real estate quickly pushed her up the ranks, making her a top player in the state. This success led her to the next phase of her career.


With a growing love for real estate, Amber put together her own team, giving it the name ZJ Group, a nod to her cherished children. As a certified mentor and broker, she's all about making sure her clients benefit from her know-how. Her top-notch services cover everything, from figuring out your home's value with detailed market analyses to setting up viewings for properties currently on the market.


What makes Amber stand out is her solid dedication to her clients. Covering the entire state, she's the go-to for anyone looking to buy or sell in Montana. Her deep understanding of the state, her fondness for its diverse landscapes, and her commitment to her clients make her a real estate pro you can rely on.


Amber isn't just a real estate professional; she's your key to the exclusive world of luxury living. With a keen eye for opulence and an unparalleled understanding of the luxury home market, she's your go-to expert for acquiring or selling exquisite properties that redefine grandeur in Montana. But her expertise doesn't stop there. Amber's refined touch extends into the realm of commercial investments, where she can seamlessly guide you through the sale or purchase of upscale ventures, whether it's prestigious restaurants, upscale gas stations, sophisticated storage units, or any other high-end commercial endeavor you have in mind. Elevate your real estate experience with Amber Isbell, where luxury meets expertise, and dreams become extraordinary realities.

"Amber Isbell is such a phenomenal realtor!!! She worked very hard to protect me as a buyer and negotiated very hard and successfully for me. Her attention to detail and prompt responses made me feel like her only customer. Amber’s warm personality yet professional approach is extremely unique in the Flathead valley."


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